Peter Jaco engraving – Eliza Fenwick’s father.

Christening record for Eliza Ann Fenwick, 28 June 1789

Baptismal record for Orlando Fenwick, 3 May 1798.

William Rutherford who married Eliza Ann Fenwick in 1812.

New Haven School Ad 20 July 1822.

New York School Ad 9 May 1825.

Elizabeth Ann Rutherford Funeral Notice, d. 24 March 1827.

John Little Moffat – Eliza’s close friend and benefactor in New York City.

Adeline & Mary Moffat – close friends to and correspondents with Elizabeth Rutherford and Eliza. Daughters of John Little Moffat

The Duncan House in Canandaigua, where Eliza & her grand children would visit every August for vacation.

Niagara School Ad 26 May 1829.

240 Centre Street Niagara on the Lake – Home of Mary Breakenridge in Niagara and location of the Niagara Seminary for Young Ladies 1829 – 1833. (Eliza’s Canadian School).

240 Centre Street Niagara on the Lake 2016.

Mary Baldwin Breakenridge 1791 – 1871.

William Warren Baldwin – Doctor, Lawyer, Judge & Reform Politician in Upper Canada - Brother of Mary (Baldwin) Breakenridge and benefactor to Eliza and her family in Canada.

Upper Canada College and Kings College where Eliza was House Mistress to the Boarders 1833 – 38.

Mrs. Fenwick remembered at Upper Canada College - Memorial Volume

Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada John Graves Colborne 1828 – 36. (Lady Colborne and her sister Jane, befriended and socialized with Eliza, corresponding with her until her death in 1840.)

Land transfer document, Dereham County, Ontario - for 200 acres of uncleared land (near Tillsonburg) granted to Eliza in 1838 for two years education of the Connolly girls at the Niagara Seminary. Her grandson Orlando cleared and settled the land.

A manuscript image of a letter, 18 April 1830, from Eliza Fenwick, Niagara to John L. Moffat, 68 Spring Street, New York.

William Warren Baldwin Home Front & Bay St. (stood from 1835- 1889) Where Eliza & family have Christmas Dinner & where Alexander Duncan picked them up in 1838 to leave for Sodus Bay, N.Y.

Elizabeth Rutherford Savage. (circa 1860)

Leather cover of The Seraph with Mrs. Fenwick embossed in gold.

Alexander Duncan – from Canandaigua, NY & Providence, R.I. He & his wife Sarah Butler whom she met in New Haven were close friends & patrons of Eliza’ family while in Canada.

Eliza’s tombstone in the Butler family gravesite at the North Burial Ground in Providence, R.I. where she was buried in 1840.